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My name is Billy Cupp, a CCPIA-Certified Commercial Property Inspector with over 20 years of maintenance management experience. I specialize in commercial property inspections, offering the highest level of customer service and detailed assessments throughout Tennessee and the surrounding areas. At Volunteer Commercial, we are your one-stop shop forcommercial building inspections, specializing in due diligence for commercial real estate properties.


As the heartbeat of commercial enterprise, a building stands as both a testament to innovation and a cornerstone of productivity. Yet, beneath its sleek exterior lies a complex network of systems and structures, each vital to its functionality and safety.

At the forefront of ensuring these elements work seamlessly is the commercial building inspection—a meticulous process designed to unearth potential hazards, structural deficiencies, and operational inefficiencies.

With a blend of expertise and precision, our team navigates through the intricate layers of your property, unveiling insights that empower informed decisions and safeguard your investment. Welcome to a realm where diligence meets assurance, and where every inspection is a step towards fortifying the foundation of your success.

We offer the following Commercial Building Assessments: Capital Reserve Forecast, Opinion of Cost Report, ADA Compliance Survey, Accessibility survey, Insurance Pre-Loss/ Loss, Maintenance Programs, Property Condition Assessments (PCA), and Triple Net Leases.

We offer the following inspection services: Commercial Building, Annual Maintenance, Draw, Fire & Life Safety, Commercial Kitchens/Hoods, MEP (Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing), Air Quality Test, Mold Test, NSPIRE, and Radon.

Choosing us as your commercial building inspector ensures professionalism, expertise, thoroughness, and peace of mind throughout the inspection process. Committed. Experienced. Professional. Contact us today to schedule a commercial property inspection in Maryville, TN, and the surrounding areas.

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