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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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Our commercial inspection division prides themselves in their ability to maximize a productive collaborative team approach. They deliver superior commercial inspection services to our clients and investor partnerships by leveraging the entire team if necessary.

Between our owners has nearly four decades of business expertise and our Inspector Manager’s twenty-five plus years inspection experience you’ll find your commercial inspection experience to be exceptional. The entire team is your team!


We provide a wide range of commercial property inspection services in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Our commercial inspection may include within our scope of work a Repair Price Estimator. Additionally, our commercial inspection division has cultivated top tier professional relationships with high quality commercial contractors which allow us to provide more in-depth evolutions if you should desire it. Examples would include: consultations with structural engineers, evolution of elevators systems, commercial roofing and maintenance costs projections, HVAC system component breakdown, repair, and maintenance cost projections, compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, lead, asbestos and even food preparation equipment. Many of our specially systems and inspections can be arranged in conjunction with a Property Condition Assessment or Site-Survey.

We have expertise in commercial inspection solutions span from commercial office space, retail storefront, restaurants/Inn, industrial/warehouse, multi-use commercial/residential, multi-family/apartment buildings, condo associations, church/cathedral, shopping centers and medical facilities. It is important when purchasing or leasing a commercial property that our clients receive the evaluation services needed to make an informed choice regarding the condition of the a potential commercial site. We have performed small 800 square feet inspections to large multi unit needs. Give a call today!

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Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in Montgomery County and surrounding counties.

Our main office is located in beautiful Gaithersburg, Maryland however our inspection team covers areas north of Baltimore Maryland – south of the Potomac River into Northern Virginia and west through Hagerstown and into West Virginia.