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Hi, I’m Mike Rizzuti. I have over 30 years experience in South Florida real estate, including building maintenance, property management, and as a flooring contractor.

My deep knowledge of building structures and building maintenance procedures has given me an advantage as a certified property inspector. My clients comment that I’m detail-oriented, punctual, and a person of integrity.

Buildings I have inspected range from multi-floor buildings to standalone commercial business buildings.

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My commercial building inspections focus on clear communication regarding the current conditions of the commercial buildings I inspect. There are high-cost-to-remedy components, such as roofs, HVAC systems and parking lots. Multiple smaller repair issues can have a significant costs also. It’s my job to report what I see and informed my clients so they can make knowledgeable decisions.

In order to observe and report correctly I use my eyes, my “nose”, my hands and my experience with the help of State-of the-Art equipment.

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Michael Rizzuti

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