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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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RGV Home Inspections is a dedicated provider of commercial real estate inspection services. Leveraging years of professional experience, we are firmly grounded in the industry’s best practices and utilize the most advanced technology in our operations. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction consistently sets us apart, offering clients thorough, accurate, and reliable inspection reports that empower them to make well-informed decisions.


Our commercial inspection services cater to property owners, investors, and businesses looking to ensure their commercial properties are safe, functional, and up to code. Our team of certified inspectors evaluates all aspects of commercial buildings, including structural integrity, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and safety features. We provide a detailed report highlighting any areas of concern, helping you protect your investment and maintain a safe and efficient work environment.

Commercial Building Inspection for Buyers

Commercial Infrared Scanning and Energy Audits

Luxury Home Inspection or Estate Inspections

Multifamily Property Inspection

Office Real Estate Inspection

Seller Inspections for Commercial Real Estate

Specialty Real Estate Inspection

Vacant and Abandoned Building Inspection

Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in Rio Grande Valley.

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