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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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Hire Property Inspection Pros to inspect your commercial property or multi-family building to ensure its overall condition and safety. Remember that your liability can extend to employees, customers, and occupants, so make sure that your building’s structure, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are functioning correctly and safely. If there are issues that need addressing, we can make the appropriate recommendations for licensed ​professionals who can advise you on specific maintenance or repairs


Our qualified team of professionals has experience inspecting a diverse range of property types in the Baltimore Metro area. We provide sellers with a commercial property condition assessment that helps them prepare to list a property on the market. The information contained in the inspection report will identify any potential issues to avoid any surprises during the buyer’s inspection.

We provide buyers with a commercial property condition assessment that will inform them of any of the building’s systems or components that may need maintenance or replacement. The information contained in the inspection report will reduce the financial risk that comes with buying a commercial property.

Depending on the level of complexity of the commercial building and your needs, our senior inspector will draw from a team of experts to perform specialized inspections – ranging from structural inspectors to elevator specialists, to ADA compliance inspection.

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