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I have over six years of trades college and continuing education courses under my belt. My background is building commercial and residential properties in over seven states, involving millions of square feet.

My particular fields include OSHA, Concrete, Bridge Work, Hospitals, and Hospitality like hotels and restaurants. My Certifications include thermal imaging and ground penetration radar. Some of my clients include HGTV, TGI Fridays, PotBelly, Starbucks, Dollar General Stores.


With decades of building and almost a decade of schooling, certifications, and continuing education, I’m a true believer that you need a solid background to be a great inspector. It takes experience to know what you’re looking for and why. I’m passionate about what I do. I’m passionate for my clients to receive good reliable information.

I’m originally from the Chicago/Wisconsin area. I now reside in Arkansas and serve central Arkansas like Little Rock, plus Fort Smith to West Memphis. My clients believe in me and recommend me. My clients range from Dubai, Australia, Costa Rica to the states of America. I’ve inspected millions of square feet. Dedication, experience, and my honor put me just where I need to be.

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