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With over 40 years in the commercial industrial complex, Menard Building Solutions could very well be your secret asset when property values are on the line. Our knowledge of commercial properties ,whether it’s an office complex or manufacturing facility, allows us to ascertain immediately what your investment might look like. Commercial real estate agents and investors who are serious about their portfolios should contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you with your next purchase.


Investors know they can hire architects or engineers, but they also know they will have a much bigger price tag attached. Commercial property investors want to know results quickly, depending on the property and location. As commercial property inspectors, real estate and investment firms understand that a proficient property inspector is an invaluable asset to them. They recognize our capability to provide a thorough and impartial assessment of the property in which they are interested.

Even if you are the current owner of the property, but have been leasing for years and now you are thinking of selling, but want to know what the current condition is, you would hire a commercial property inspector like our firm. We always tell our Clients: “Let us do the research and you make the decisions”.

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This is a critical component to any maintenance strategy. Maintenance costs are bad enough when conducting a successful business but you can improve your assets by reducing equipment repair and downtime. Wouldn’t it be nice if your business ran so smooth and the life expectancy and efficiency helped to increase productivity while still monitoring workplace safety?

With today’s green initiative being front and center your company can help with your own carbon footprint and we can certainly make suggestions that just may save you a considerable amount of money and maybe even help your overall budget from wasteful spending.

Preventive maintenance is crucial to anyone looking to reduce maintenance costs but if your equipment breaks down unexpectedly and you have to stop production to repair it, then time is money. Worse is when your maintenance personnel already told their manager or even you that that piece of equipment was already on its last leg but you chose to ignore it.

We’re not here to point fingers we’re here to help suggest ways to operate efficiently and make your equipment last longer if possible. We’ll show you how you can stay ahead of the curve and allow you to concentrate on what makes you good, which is being productive and satisfying your customers.

Some companies already have a good maintenance plan in place and even they sometimes get complacent on basic things that eventually affect the employer or employees. Contact us today, it’s free.

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