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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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We have specialized in commercial property inspections for over 20 years. We will customize an inspection quote to fit the property’s characteristics and your budget! At LunsPro, we know every commercial property is unique. Our CCPIA-Certified Commercial Property Inspectors go through rigorous training to be prepared for every type of building. Our commercial property inspections include complete structural and mechanical evaluations including foundation, interior, exterior, roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, windows, doors, and grounds.


We specialize in warehouse, office buildings, light industrial, restaurant, retail/strip centers, and stand alone businesses.

Warehouse/Light Industrial: Based on the size unknown issues with the structure can be very expensive. Let LunsPro inspect your warehouse, assembly plant, machine shop, automotive garage, and more to evaluate the condition of the roof, foundation, doors, electrical, and more saving you costly future repairs.

Multi-Unit: Buying a duplex, triplex or larger multi-family property? We also inspect hotels, motels, and college student housing. We can help you save money!

Retail/Strip Centers: Whether you are buying an expansive shopping center, a multi-unit strip center, an individual unit in a center, or a stand-alone retail building, LunsPro has you covered. Our professional inspectors will check the roof, exterior, foundation, windows, electrical and HVAC systems, plumbing, doors, parking lots, and more to protect your investment.

Restaurant: Our inspectors will conduct a detailed visual inspection of the structure, systems, and safety of the building on the interior and exterior. Open your restaurant with confidence in the property you purchased.

Stand Alone Business: Purchasing a stand alone commercial or converting a residential property into a commercial property? Our professional inspectors are ready to conduct a thorough visual inspection.

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