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We specialize in commercial property inspections in Los Angeles and Southern California.

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Twenty years as a contracting company was the ideal path to becoming Commercial Property Inspectors. Having the training and understanding of how buildings are constructed gives us the ability to properly assess the condition of a building.

We have done over 35,000 inspections in the last 20+ years, including multi-family properties, warehouses and industrial buildings, and commercial and hospitality properties of all types.

We have different inspection strategies for any size project.


We have been conducting Commercial Inspections throughout Los Angeles and Southern California for over 20 years.

We have different strategies for inspecting various properties. A general physical inspection is enough for some properties, whereas a more in-depth inspection involving detailed analysis’ and quotes from requisite trades is often needed to determine both immediate and longer-term repair or maintenance costs.

The costs for expected repairs can come from Repair Pricer, which is a third party that takes our report and creates an estimate to repair all the items listed as defects or needing repairs, or actual repair/upgrade quotes from contracted companies hired by us to perform various specialty inspections.

Each inspection we do is as different as the Clients we work for. We gather all the information we can before the inspection through a ‘Request for Information’, which can be followed by phone calls and multiple site visits as we complete the administrative process of putting together the report. All trade/contractor assessments and quotes are included as part of our report package.

We are proud of our ability to customize our inspections and reports to make sure our Clients get the information they need, want, and can use to make a properly informed decision.

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Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

After 20+ years doing inspections in Los Angeles and Southern California, we have the experience to perform inspections on any building.

On larger properties or where there are specific concerns of the Client, we will bring in different specialists to assess these areas.