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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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I.R.M. Services is a residential and commercial inspection company. Other ancillary services, such as mold testing, Radon testing, and more are available. Licensed in NC&VA, I.C.A. graduate, and member of InterNACHI and CCPIA, gives us a confident core and understanding to do inspections. Hundreds of inspections leave us to be an experienced candidate for your inspection needs.


Starting in November of 2021, I.R.M. Services quickly became a local name and surrounding areas. By networking and providing a quality inspection, we gained the experience and training needed to become one of the best. Always improving and learning is at the core of our business model. Building science coupled with the right tools, customer service, and training allows us to do our best work. Licensed in N.C. & VA.

Air quality testing (in house)

Radon testing (in house)

Water testing (subbed)

Septic inspections and installs (subbed)

Residential inspections (in house)

Pest inspections (irm services is registered as an RT)

Commercial Building Inspection for Buyers

Commercial Building Inspection for Leases

Luxury Home Inspection or Estate Inspections

Multifamily Property Inspection

Office Real Estate Inspection

Retail Property Inspection

Specialty Real Estate Inspection

Vacant and Abandoned Building Inspection

Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in Raliegh to Henderson in NC and up to Bracey, VA.

We provide an unbiased opinion of function and safety. The property speaks and we listen.