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James possesses knowledge earned from more than 35 years in the commercial building trades and elevator industry. Along with two business degrees, he has experience working directly in various roles from construction, maintenance, modernization and service repair as an apprentice, mechanic, project and construction operations management to inspections.

The various trade skills learned in this industry working in side by side the other trades gives James an unique level of inspection expertise.



Serving all of coastal Delaware’s beach resort towns for elevator inspections and commercial property inspections. Greater Chesapeake Inspection Contracting LLC is southern Delaware’s “Go-To” certified commercial property and elevator inspection company.

Elevator Safety Code Inspections for both commercial and residential applications: Acceptance, periodic, Cat-1 and Cat-5 witnessed inspections with the required ASME A17.1, A18.1 code compliant reporting and a certificate of inspection to the owner for assurance. The goal is to provide assurance to a safe code compliant elevator to help minimize risk to both the riding public and building owner.

Annual preventative maintenance inspections for all types of commercial properties with the goal to provide the owner with an inventory of the buildings major systems and components, and an evaluation of function and condition. These findings will highlight the property’s strengths and potential deficiencies, along with deferred maintenance issues.

Elevator Inspections: Acceptance, Periodic, Cat-1 and Cat-5 witness test

Accessibility Inspection

Commercial Building Inspection for Buyers

Commercial Building Inspection for Leases

Hospitality Real Estate Inspection

Periodic or annual preventative maintenance inspections

Multifamily Property Inspection

Office Real Estate Inspection

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Retail Property Inspection


James Groseclose, QEI, CCPI

CCPIA Member

Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in Delaware State.