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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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Father and son team, Pat and Alex, proudly support the Niagara & the GTA community with their building inspection business and treat their clients and customers as family.

With an advantage of working together for over three years, with experience from different generations. Patrick Foisey (Father) has 30 years experience in property assessment and Alex Foisey (Son) being recent graduate from Mohawk College as a hotshot with an Architectural Technologist Diploma.


Inspection Of Building Envelope Systems

Having an annual building inspection will identify major issues before they become serious. We will establish the condition of the building’s roof, walls, and related finishes at the time of our inspection. As an independent inspection agency, we evaluate the structure and recommend repairs and future maintenance plans. We will identify a snapshot of your building’s condition.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced inspectors are trained in the inspection of the complete building envelope including the roof and exterior systems. With accredited and specialized training, we are able to inspect and report the building’s condition and concerns found.

Documentation With Reports And Photos

Using specialized software and inspection tools, we are able to perform non-destructive testing to inspect the structure. When required, we are able to perform destructive testing, including roof core sampling, and to perform temporary patches. Our reports convey our concerns and provide photographs and supporting details explaining our findings.

Maintenance Plan

We will identify issues that have to be addressed immediately and assist in the development of a routine maintenance plan. Determining the current condition of the building will give you the knowledge required for financial budgeting decisions on timelines & maintenance.

We Inspect 25 Key Components, in addition to Parking Lots, Exterior Walls, Windows & Doors, and Roofs & Accessories.

Seller Inspections for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Property Inspection for Buyers

Commercial Property Inspection for Lessees

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Commercial Infrared Scanning and Energy Audits

Industrial Building Inspection

Multi-Unit Residential Property Inspection

Retail Property Inspection


Commercial Leak Detection Service

Discovering the source of a commercial roof leak can be tricky where water enters a roofing system and where it shows up inside the building is rarely a straight line.

If there are any current or past leaks, the process of diagnosing where the water is coming from gives us insights that aren’t always possible when looking at the top of a roof. The more we know about how your building is performing, the better advice we can give to you when it comes to major issues.

How much does a commercial inspection cost?

We calculate the inspection fee by multiplying the square footage cost. The cost varies depending on the style or age of the building, inspection rates will vary pending on scope of work.

Reach out today our inspection team of experienced inspectors will always strive to keep the customer satisfied and informed.

Consultation and estimates are hassle-free and cost nothing.


Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in the Niagara Region and GTA Niagara Falls, St Catharines, Thorold, Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Milton, Brampton, Guelph, London, Windsor, Fort Erie, and Port Colborne.