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We specialize in commercial property inspections.

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Welcome to First-In, where excellence in commercial inspections meets unmatched expertise. With a commitment to precision, our team of seasoned inspectors brings decades of experience in evaluating and assessing commercial properties. From office buildings to industrial spaces, retail establishments to multifamily units, we specialize in providing comprehensive inspections that empower our clients to make informed decisions.


Since your building is unique, our report for you will also be unique. Together we will determine what you are requiring and expecting and design an inspection and report to meet these needs. We will be happy to provide a photo survey and a thorough documentation of existing property conditions including costly deficiencies which require immediate attention, safety concerns and maintenance issues.

Far away from your investment? Our thorough report and picture files can walk you through your building, as if you were there.

At times it is necessary to bring in multiple technicians or experts during an inspection. We have relationship with licensed technicians, tradesmen and engineers we can call on as needed.

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