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I am a National Home Inspector as certified by the National Home Inspector Certification Council. I am a Professional Home and Property Inspector as certified by the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada and a Registered Home Inspector with the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors.

I completed the Carson Dunlop commercial course in 2019 and the Certified Commercial Property Inspector course in 2022. I also hold a National Red Seal in construction craft work.


Commercial inspections are esoteric in nature. They are not simply “like houses, but bigger!” If you are thinking of purchasing a commercial property in or around the London, Ontario area it makes sense to have it inspected by a qualified professional for several reasons:

  1. An official, independent report might be required by the bank for lending / remortgage purposes.
  2. Evaluating the condition, age and life expectancy of a buildings systems is going to be crucial in evaluating profit margins and replacement costs.
  3. The report can identify deficiencies even the sellers were not aware of. Renegotiations can often be held on favourable terms to the buyer.
  4. If being bought through a company the Inspection fee can usually be written off as a business expense. (Confirm with your accountant!)
  5. It shows the buyer you are serious and are coming prepared. Most commercial property owners will respect buyers exercising their due diligence.

At Cook Property Inspections we offer inspections to suit all needs and criteria. We are certified in ASTM and CCPIA ComSOP Standards and have completed the two most respected commercial courses, including one in Canada and the other in the USA.

Warehouses, Factories, Offices, Restaurants, Churches, we have done them all.

It is estimated that 60%-80% of all litigation related to building ownership are based upon roof age / condition. Will you be happy to invest with only the seller’s opinion of how long that roof will last?!

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Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in South Western Ontario.

Having formerly been an administrator / facilities manager in various Victorian buildings in London, England I moved across the pond and completed my Construction apprenticeship at my local union hall and worked on the biggest sites in and around London, Ontario.

As a veteran of over 1250 property inspections, I will give you the peace of mind you deserve when buying the biggest investment you may ever make!

That’s why my clients keep coming back to me. My clients include multinational corporations, Olympic gold medal winners, professional CFL and NHL players, Realtors, friends, family and sports colleges. I have inspected the last $100,000 house in London, Ontario, a $3.4 million mansion and everything in between.

From churches to farmhouses.
From restaurants to warehouses.
From tattoo parlours to dog grooming salons.

Cook Property Inspections has the knowledge and experience to better serve you and to be better prepared for what we may find, together.