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American Standard Commercial Inspectors are certified by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA). Our Senior Inspector, Scott Jemm, has extensive experience inspecting numerous commercial properties for real estate investors, insurance companies, and restaurant owners. Contact us today to schedule a commercial property inspection in the Denver Metro Area.


Welcome to American Standard Commercial Inspections, led by CCPIA-certified commercial property inspectors. We inspect all types of properties to provide you with detailed and reliable reports using the industry’s leading reporting software. Our services adhere to the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP). The elements assessed as part of a ComSOP Inspection include:

HVAC System(s), Plumbing System(s), Roof Surface, Drainage and Penetrations, Exterior Elements, Vegetation and Landscaping, General Topography and Parking Area, Wood Decks and Balconies, Fireplaces, Attic Ventilation and Insulation, Basement Foundation and Crawlspace, Doors, Windows and Interior, Life Safety Components, Cooking Area and Storage

Accessibility Inspection

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Industrial Building Inspection

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Vacant and Abandoned Building Inspection

Providing Commercial Property Inspection Services in Denver Colorado.

We inspect commercial buildings and properties, from industrial warehouses to small family-run restaurants. Our wide range of ancillary services continues to grow, meeting the evolving needs of our customers.