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We specialize in commercial property inspections.



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Admirable Inspection Services specializes in commercial property inspections. We have the experience you can depend on for your commercial property inspection being done once and done right!

Experience and training is our focus to provide clients with the best commercial property inspection service in Alberta. We regularly perform commercial inspections on a variety of building types throughout Alberta. We have trained at the highest possible level to bring you the highest quality environmental, thermal, roofing and building inspection services possible.

Whether you are a first time purchaser or an experienced investor who owns several buildings, purchasing a commercial property inspection is a must. Contact us today.


Admirable Inspection Services performs thorough commercial property inspections with 400+ items checked. The items include the building’s most essential systems and components for optimal operation, including the structural frame, building envelope, roofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, electrical, life safety & fire protection, interior elements, site topography, and stormwater drainage. Plus, ingress & egress, paving, curbing & parking, landscaping & appurtenances, and utilities (water, electricity, natural gas).

Admirable inspectors use modern, state of the art diagnostic tools and inspection equipment. Reports are punctual and easy-to-read, but once the report is delivered, we are still available to you for any questions you may have.

The cost of a commercial property inspection varies based on the level of detail and due diligence, such that the price of a Commercial Property Condition Assessment performed with greater detail and due diligence can cost considerably more than a Baseline Commercial Property Condition Assessment. Admirable inspectors can customize the inspection based on your needs to aid in reducing your risk of purchase. Our reports pay for itself many times over before closing at the bargaining table.

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